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ASICS Christina Applegate Sneakers
ASICS Christina Applegate Sneakers Off Broadway Sneakers
ASICS America is proud to announce its third year of cancer awareness product collections with the ASICS Accelerate Hope™ initiative. The ASICS products feature bold colors and larger committed donation amounts to three of the leading cancer-fighting organizations in the country: Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, Right Action for Women, and the Prostate Cancer Foundation. During the month of September, October and Novmeber, ASICS pledges to donate a portion of its sales to the affiliated charity. Although October is almost over, you can help with the cause by participating in the November campaign’s Prostate Cancer Foundation.

I’m wearing the GT-1000 3 style by ASICS now available at Off Broadway Shoes. Purchasing the stylish electric pink sneakers will support Right Action for Women (RAW). Established in 2008 by award-winning actress Christina Applegate, following her own personal journey through breast cancer. Applegate created RAW to encourage young women to understand what it means to be at an increased risk for breast cancer, and to provide assistance to access advanced breast cancer screening.

Look out for November’s electric blue sneakers which will support the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The world’s leading philanthropic organization, PCF is funding and accelerating prostate cancer research. PCF advocates for greater awareness of prostate cancer and more efficient investment of governmental research funds for transformational cancer research. Its efforts have helped produce a 20-fold increase in government funding for prostate cancer.

For more info about ASICS Accelerate Hope™ initiative, click here.

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Travel Spot: Phil’s Berry Farm in Homestead, Florida

Phils Berry Farm Homestead Redland Miamii

Phils Berry Farm Things to do in Homestead

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Miami Fashion Blogger Phils Berry Farm Redland


Top: TJMaxx, Jeans: c/o Jessica Simpson (Similar here), Shoes: Traffic Shoe (Similar here), Purse: TJMaxx (Similar here)

Miami Fashion Blogger OOTD Bohemian Street Style

Miami Fashion Blogger Phils Berry Farm

Phils Berry Farm Homestead Redland Milkshake

Phils Berry Farm Homestead Redland Shakes

Phils Berry Farm Homestead Redland Cow

Travel Blogger OOTD Street Style

Miami Fashion Blogger OOTD Phils Berry Farm

Top: TJMaxx, Jeans: c/o Jessica Simpson (Similar here), Shoes: Traffic Shoe (Similar here), Purse: TJMaxx (Similar here)

After my move to Homestead, I started to explore and stumble across some hidden gems in this city. Starting with this adorable little Phil’s Berry Farm located at 13955 S.W. 248 Street Miami, Florida 33032. The first time I heard about this little place was from my mom. She took a wrong turn one day and came across this bright red barn which immediately caught her eyes. She told me and my sister to visit Phil’s immediately and to try their milkshake. So, we made it into a photo and shake adventure day and headed to Phil’s Berry Farm which was surprisingly only 7 minutes away from where I live.

Hard to miss, the red barn immediately catches your attention when you’re driving down on 248th street. Phil Marraccini Jr. opened Phil’s Berry Farm in 2012 as a farming attraction to tourist and the local community. The farm offers a cozy environment where you are welcome to bring your friends and family to hang out for a while and try their delicious smoothies and shakes.

Phil’s Berry Farm is open to public every Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. The farm is also available for tours & parties. When you’re there say hi to all the friendly faces and to the always optimistic Phil.

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