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7 Under $25 Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-Workers From Your Local CVS Pharmacy Store

Last Minute Secret Santa Shopping Under $25

Our annual office holiday secret Santa party is coming up soon. So I went on the hunt to find the secret Santa gifts that I know my co-workers will appreciate. As a consultant for a department I work for, I decided to do something a little different. Why not get a secret Santa present for everyone who I work with closely. That meant, keeping a small budget and sticking to it. My goal was to keep the presents very personalized and under $25 each. I also wanted a no-hassle quick secret Santa shopping trip, I chose to go to my local CVS Pharmacy store for the all the gifts. Here’s what I got for my co-workers at work. All the gifts below were under $25!

1. For The Techie
PowerXCel Power Bank– $19.99

Secret Santa Gift Idea Power XCell Bank
3. For The World Traveler
CVS Dual Gel Insoles – $10.49

Secret Santa Gift Idea CVS Dual Gel Insoles
3. For The One With The Organized Office
LOVE LED Marquee – $19.99
Secret Santa Gift Idea LOVE Marquee
4. For The Foodie
Gold Emblem abound Cranberry Almond Rice Pop Clusters – $3.99
Gold Emblem abound Almond Coconut Granola – $3.99
Gold Emblem abound Pomegranate Baobab Superfruit Trail Mix – $4.29

Secret Santa Gift Idea CVS Snacks

5. For The Health Conscious
Radiance Women’s Multivitamin – $19.99

Secret Santa Gift Idea Last Minute MultiVitamins

6. For The Girly Girl
Killer Queen Katy Perry Perfume Set – $21.99

Secret Santa Gift Idea Katy Perry Perfume Set

7.  For The Spa Addict
Sea Minerals Gift Set – $9.99

Secret Santa Gift Idea Local CVS Pharmacy Store

It was one of my easiest shopping trip ever. Can’t beat quick parking and faster checkout. CVS Pharmacy is also located in major areas, most locations are open 24 hours!

Secret Santa Gift Idea Blogger Afroza Khan

Photos by Janel kilnisan




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