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Walk Into 2017 Like a Queen

I always say if you get a chance to wear a crown, wear the crown. There are no rules to follow for you feel like a queen that you are. Have you ever tried on a crown or a tiara and felt like you can achieve anything you want? When you put on a crown, the sense of importance, beauty and confidence all comes at once. You seem to stand a little taller and hold your ...

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MATCHCo App Custom Tinted Foundation Review

I never thought I would say this – Guys, I ordered a tinted foundation straight from an app! Yup, there’s an app for that! A MATCHCo representative reached out to me and told me about this beauty app of the future. I knew I had to try it. The app was super easy to download. It’s actually a lot of fun using the app to match the skin tone. Make ...

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Giveaway – Win a Katy Perry Mad Love Perfume

Katy Perry Mad Love Perfume Giveaway
Sponsored by Single Edition Media. This is such an exciting giveaway. I’ve been using my very own Katy Perry Mad Love perfume for several weeks now. I knew this perfume was a winner in my collection, when my mom actually complemented me on my perfume. She’s not easily impressed. Some of my friends also noticed the new scent, one even said it matches ...

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