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It’s Leopard Print Season

Miami Fashion Influencer Leopard Jacket Street Style
Expect this print to pop up everywhere! This Fall, Leopard print is going to be a huge trend and everyone is starting to embrace their growl power! For me, Leopard print is a neutral print. This print can easily look great with any outfit. I have these leopard heels that I’ve been wearing for the last 4 years!! When I find something comfortable and chic, I ...

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The New Power Suit

Miami Fashion Blogger Chic Black Pant Suit Fall Style
My closet is full of black clothes and I love each and one of them equally! I don’t care that I live in one of the hottest states in America. Black is always chic and it’s always so easy to put a look together. When I saw this suit on Venus, I knew I had to have it. The fabric is actually lightweight and I love that I can wear the pieces separately ...

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Plaid Blazer & Leopard Heels

Style blogger Afroza Khan Fall plaid jacket and leopard heels look
Do we ever really get “Fall” season in Miami? If we’re lucky maybe 2 weeks of slightly cool temperature. Will I continue to wear Fall clothes in this tropical place? Yes, of course, 100%! It’s definitely the chicest season of the year. Here’s why I love Fall styles. I love blazers, light scarves, ankle boots, and all the maroon, ...

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Blue Jeans Blue Shirt

Fashion Blogger Blue Top Blue Jeans Straw Bag street style
Back at it again with my Democracy jeans OOTD. Wore this blue jeans blue shirt outfit for a day of running errands around Coral Gables. Btw, do you sometimes find new places in your town that you fall in love with? While driving around Gables, I stumbled across this pretty little corner and I want to move there asap! But, for the time being, I walked around this ...

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The Best Fitting Jeans of 2018

Casual Blue Jeans OOTD
We all have that one little black dress, a cardigan, an oversized top, a favorite bag that we can’t live without. When it comes to jeans, I now have four pairs that I’m obsessed with and they are all from Democracy. These are absolutely the best fitting jeans of 2018! I seriously can’t stop raving about these jeans to my friends. Now I want to ...

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