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Daytime Chic Maxi Dress & Jord Watch

Fashion Blogger Jord Watch Outfit

I usually don’t wear watches! I find it a little too fancy. But when I saw the unique Jord Watches, it immediately caught my attention. The Jord watches are so simple, chic & timeless.  

I really love the natural elements and modern design of my wood watch. Easy to pair with any look, I chose to pair my watch with a classy daytime maxi dress. The Cora Series Koa & Rose Gold watch is an automatic timepiece. Gorgeous crystal markers help bounce light off the face and it really catches the eye. 

This earthy piece of accessory has now become my favorite piece to wear daily. 

Jord Watch
Fashion Blogger Chic Stylista Chiffon Maxi Dress


c/o Jord Watch | Traffic Shoe Wedge | Charlotte Russe Maxi Dress

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