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Fall Fashion: Dark Floral Print

Miami Fashion Blogger Chic Stylista

Are you feeling the chill in Miami yet? Nope! I thought so. Where is this early cold front people are talking about? While we wait for the crispy air, here’a simple Fall transition outfit featuring Relaxfeel dark floral oversized shirt and ifchic jeans. I’m wearing these 2 year year old chunky heel booties from Traffic Shoe. I wear them every Fall, can’t believe it’s still in perfect condition.

Also how cute is this littler corner we found in Miami Beach? This area definitely stood out from all the other pastel hued art-deco neighborhood.

Relaxfeel Fashion Fall Floral Fashion

Oversized Shirt OOTD

Fall Dark Floral Oversized Shirt

Miami Beach Hidden Photographic Corners

Fashion Blogger Afroza Khan Miami

Relaxfeel Long Sleeve Shirt | ifchic Jeans| Traffic Shoe Ankle Booties

Photography by Janel Kilnisan 

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