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Get Free Designer Clothes Every Month

What if I told you that you can get almost $180 worth of designer clothes every month! I got your attention didn’t I?

A shopping site, ifchic let’s fashion lovers not only just shop online but also collect coins to get access to designer pieces for free!  On the site, a registered user can collect coins every day. And on the 24th of each month an exclusive #ifchic24 event takes place that lasts for only 24 hours. During the event an ifchic user can redeem up to $180 in ifchic coins on their entire purchase at checkout. See how it’s done below.

ifchic homepage

To start collecting your own ifchic coins, start by registering with ifchic. Once registered, you will immediately see a small screen that points you to “collect $2 ifchic coins”. You’ll not miss it, it’s gold and keeps spinning till you collect it. Continue to browse the site and collect two more spinning coins that keeps popping up randomly. It’s fun to see these little coins appear. Just make sure to login every day to collect $6 worth of ifchic coins. And on the 24th of the each month, redeem your coins for designer pieces of you choice. Just pay for shipping & handling which is only $5.95.

Ifchic coins

Ifchic coins

 I joined ifchic a little more than a month ago and already attended their #ifchic24 event on April 24th. I recieved an amazing package full of designer clothes and will be sharing my outfit posts on the blog soon.

The next #ifchic24 event takes place on May 24th. You still have time to collect your gold coins, so start collecting and get your hands on some gorgeous designer pieces.

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