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Knaus Berry Farm Adventure

Best Miami Fashion Blogger Chic Stylista Knaus Berry FarmLast time I visited Knaus Berry Farm, it was a disaster. I was super excited about strawberry picking and eating their famous Cinnamon Rolls. Unfortunately we got there when it was closed. So when I found out it was opening in November, I rallied my team together (band of cousins) and headed to the wide open Redland Miami for some delicious Cinnamon Rolls. Make notes all my fellow bake goods and fresh fruits lovers, Knaus Berry Farm is open every November through Mid April.

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From where I live, the farm was about an hour away. It wasn’t that bad of a drive. Especially since my sister and cousins were with me. But once we got there and saw the line. We hesitated a bit. The sun was beating down and the line also seemed to get longer. But, it was a mission and we had to complete it. The wait didn’t seem that long when we started talking about Duck Dynasty (my new favorite show)! That Si is a character! You know what I’m saying DD fans.

It was exciting to reach the end point. We picked up FOUR DOZEN cinnamon buns ($8.25 a dozen). I don’t think that was enough! Well, it’s only an hour  away. I might end up there every weekend. Yes, it is that addicting.

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Knaus Berry Farm Rules
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Knaus Berry Farm Famous Cinammon RollsThe supa’ delish cinnamon rolls!!

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