Chic Stylista | By Miami Fashion Blogger Afroza Khan

Secret Garden.

Handbag: Morgangirl Shoes: Traffic Shoe Necklace: Jewelmint, & Ebay Pants: Forever21

If you live in the Miami area, you most likely heard about the new H&M opening at Lincoln Road this past week. So my sister and I headed down there to check out all the hoopla. It was a big hoopla alright. Thank God We got there early, there was a huge line going around the corner. We waited in line, but couldn’t handle it anymore.  So we went around the corner to park and my little sissie took some amazing pictures of me. It was one of those in-between weather day, so I put on a flowy sweater and bright blue pants. But, my favorite part of my outfit is the gorgeous ankle booties from Traffic Shoe store that I bought at The Falls. Also, gotta love the amazing Fall handbag from this superfantabulous online shop Morgangirl.

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