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Meet Me in the Garden

I grew up in a time where playing outside was encouraged. Mostly because there were no computers or cellphones to keep us busy. I am so thankful for the childhood I had. After school and my tutor sessions, I would hear my friends yell for me to come down to play. I played bare feet, chased rains, jumped in mud and went home everyday with a cut or scrape on my ...

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Layered Midi Dress

I found this colorful little place just this past weekend! I can’t believe I never saw this place before, it’s only 10 minutes from where I live. Over the weekend I went to a brunch at the Three Sisters Farm in Homestead. Following the GPS, I drove through some of the prettiest roads and noticed this lively place. My blogger friend was following me ...

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Searching for the Light with Free People

I live in a very beautiful place. Surrounding me are hidden forests, open lands and fresh farms. I’m not a morning person. But, on rare occasions I like get up before the sun rises and take a walk in familiar places. It’s pretty amazing to see the morning light peeking though the trees. We are also experiencing some beautiful weather here in Miami. It ...

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Boho Chic High-Low Summer Dress

This is such a perfect summer dress from Tiare Hawaii! From the pattern to the cut, this dress is just so ethereal. It was a gift from the Cellfina team during this year’s Miami Swim Week. I love that you can wear this dress as a beach cover up or to a summer party. I will forever love wearing loose, flowy and bohemian clothing. It’s so me! It’s ...

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