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The New Haircut

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love my long wavy hair. People used to say the nicest thing about my hair and for the longest time, I thought that my hair defined me. I was also the girl who would hide behind her long hair. It was comforting to know that I can just let my hair drop to the side so that I can disappear from everyone for a moment.
But it was time for a big change. I’ve gone through a lot last year and I physically, mentally and emotionally feel like I’ve changed a lot for the better. Getting a haircut is a symbol for a great new beginning in my life. So when I heard about a new hair salon called True Hair Miami owned by a Celebrity hairstylist Ellie, I had to give her a visit.
From the moment you walk into the salon you become a part of the True Hair Miami family. The salon was quite busy with their repeat customers. The stylists were catching up with their clients but didn’t forget about the ones waiting for their hair to get done. I was nervous at first, I wasn’t sure if Ellie would understand what I wanted for my hair. But, from the beginning she made me feel comfortable and started her magic work. The entire process for cut, color, ombre and blow dry took almost six hours! She worked on my hair continuously to make sure the end result was perfect. Below are all the pictures and an amazing interview with the owner. Thanks to Ellie, now I have the perfect chic cut and color for Fall!
True Hair Miami haircut Lob1
True Hair Miami Ellie Long Hair Consultation1
True Hair Miami Ellie Haircut Fashion Blogger1
True Hair Miami Haircut Ombre Coloring1
True Hair Miami Afroza Khan Chic Stylista Ombre Hair1
Q. How did you learn hair styling? 
A. I got a very early start in the industry and attended beauty school at just 16 years old. I was youngest in my class, but that didn’t deter me. I had wonderful teachers and mentors that I looked up to who were big names in the beauty industry at that time, and taught me to expertly cut and color hair.

Q. Which celebrities have you personally worked with?
A. When I was working at a salon on Lincoln Road in the 90s, I had the pleasure of blow-drying Shakira’s hair a few times.  I also worked with Sofia Vergara when she first came to Miami.  I did her color for 3 years when she was a natural blonde.

Q. Which hair trend do you think will make a comeback?
A. There are two big trends that I am seeing. The first, bangs. Clients are requesting the look more and more lately. The good thing is, for the women who want the look but who are not quite ready to commit, I’m adding a line of clip-in bangs to my True Hair Miami Extension collection. I’ve tried them out on a few clients who loved them so I am in the process of manufacturing more.  The second trend is shorter cuts, (kind of like yours, as a matter of fact). Recently, a handful of my clients have called to book appointments and told me they are ready to go short. I think that a lot of celebrities have cut their hair in the long bob, also known as the ‘LOB’. It’s not as short as bob, but no longer than shoulder length.

Q. What are some of the most popular hairstyle in your salon? 
A. Long and layered. I’m known as the A. Extension Queen so women come in all the time looking to lengthen and add volume with the extensions to enhance what they’ve already got.

Q. Everyone is raving about the True Hair Miami extensions. Tell us a little bit about how you got started.  
A. As I said, I’m know as the Extension Queen. This is because I’ve been working with extensions forever and have tried them all. And I’ve learned exactly where to place them so people can’t notice where they are attached to their natural hair.  Out of all the different types of hair extension bonds, I fell in love the tape method, however I could never find the quality of hair that I liked. So about 3 years ago, I decided to start my own line; True Hair Miami Extensions, and hand pick hair from South America, mostly Argentina. The hair is 100% human hair that is cut and collected, then colored and assembled with the tape adhesions so they are ready to be placed on my clients. It comes in different textures ranging from wavy to straight. I now have more than 30 different shades of hair in the collection and also custom color them too. I can create or match any color a client wants, including ombre. Speaking of ombre, the extensions are a creative way to add color dimension to your hair without having to color it.

Q. What is your #1 Hair care tip? 
A. Don’t wash your hair everyday. Extend the length between washes as long as you can. The water, especially here in Florida, has so many chemicals that wash out the color and dry out hair.

True Hair Miami Afroza Khan Ellie Midtown
True Hair Miami Lob Haircut Ombre Ellie
Thank you again, Ellie and the fun team at True Hair Miami, Robin Diamond, and my little sister, Atqiya for taking all these wonderful pictures.
What do you think about the new haircut?

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