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My 5-day Paleo Diet With Deliver Lean

I was so happy to try the DeliverLean program for 5 days. I read rave reviews about their healthy diet delivery plans and let me tell you, it is amazing! DeliverLean is a fresh gourmet meal delivery service that delivers right to you door. Their gourmet meal delivery service packs lots of flavor and quality to each meal, but are balanced and portion controlled. There are 6 meal plans to choose from: Traditional, Paleo / Low-Cal, Organic Protein, Gluten Free & Vegetarian or Vegan. Each meal is freshly made and ranges from around 300-400 calories per meal. I chose the Paleo 3 meals per day plan, which also came with OnJuice, delicious healthy vegan snacks and gluten free vegan desserts.

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So what is Paleo? Simply put, Paleo diet consists of unprocessed foods, lean animal proteins and fresh fruits vegetables. This diet helps to decrease body fat with low-cal, low-fat, and low-carb meals. The DeliverLean’s main components of the Paleo plan are lean protein sources, eggs, all non-starchy vegetables and fresh fruit.

Miami Food Blogger Deliver Healthy Paleo Diet Delivery

Each meal is as low as $8.95! With DeliverLean it’s easy to save money on gourmet, perfectly portioned, calorie controlled meals. The diet delivery offers a variety of 96 different menu items per week. I loved the convenience of waking up and finding a big bag of DeliverLean delivery every other day. Since every meal was prepared by a gourmet chef, all it took was heating up the food in the microwave for about 3-4 minutes. It was hassle-free, quick, delicious and filling. The 5-day diet with DeliverLean helped me get a leaner body. I also saw a difference in my skin and my focus during the day was much better. Eating healthy does wonders to the body. It was the best way for me learn what to eat and what to avoid on this plan.

Turkey Egg Foo Young Cakes w/ Sriracha Sauce & Leomon Aid OnJuice (Left) Guava BBQ Bison Burger w/Caramelized Onions . Daiya Jack Cheese Yuca Fries (Right)

Turkey Egg Foo Young Cakes w/ Sriracha Sauce & Lemon Aid OnJuice (Left), Guava BBQ Bison Burger w/Caramelized Onions. Daiya Jack Cheese Yuca Fries (Right)

DeliverLean, South Florida’s #1 rated gourmet meal delivery service is extending an offer to my awesome readers! Receive 3 days free with the purchase of a four week meal plan!

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