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5 productive things to do at home during quarantine

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Sharing some of the things I’m doing during this Quarantine that is helping me a lot to look at the brighter side of things. There are days when I’m compltely lost and don’t have the energy to do much. But I’ve surprised myself by doing things that I never really had any time for before. The first 2-3 weeks of quarantine was incredibly hard for me. But, the things I’m doing now is surprisingly making me a more productive individual. So, I’m going to use this momentum and strive to become a better version of myself. Whether you’re doing something new this quarantine or just watching Netflix (Tiger King anyone – Carole Baskin, did it or nah), just know that it’s ok to move at a pace that you’re comfortable with. Take your time and know that we will adapt and thrive. Hope this post provides you with some good information.

I’m the type of person, that will hoard up on articles, videos and skills I want to learn but never really take the time to actually learn it. Now that I’m sitting at home with barely any new projects or work, I have all the time to actually learn something new. I had courses saved up in Udemy, signed up for LinkedIn Learning and also joined Skillshare. I honestly love Udemy, for their incredible courses on Social Media Marketing Mastery, Management Consulting and The Complete Copywriting Course. Right now, I’m taking the Google Analytics course to get my certification! Linkedin Learning is also an amazing tool that can help boost your LinkedIn Profile. Every course on LinkedIn Learning will provide you with a certificate, which you can apply to your profile. It will show up as a skill under ‘Licenses & Certifications.’ I took as many courses I can in a month, because you get 1 month free when you sign up for the first time (cancel anytime). One of my favorite LinkedIn Learning course was Growth Hacking Foundations. Skillshare is another learning platform, but a little more fun. You can get 2 months free when you sign up (cancel anytime)! Which is what I did to learn cool skills like calligraphy and video editing.

I started to read a lot of articles about making passive income, social media, and surviving recessions. When I read practical things, I feel more knowleadgable and ready. I’m also reading books and recently signed up for Audible to go through 2 books a month. You get a month free when you sign up with Audible (cancel anytime), so I highly suggest it. The first one I read is Atomic Habits by James Clear and the current book I’m listening to is The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. I also have a kindle which I love more than anything, sometimes I will find free Kindle books on Amazon or use my digital credits to get new books (You can sometimes get digital credits when you choose longer delivery days at checkout). Kindle also offers a 30-day free trial for first-timers (cancel anytime).

All kudos to Atomic Habits, this book changed me for the better. Total transparency, I’m horrible at sticking to a good habit. I overthink simple things and put off major things till deadline. Some days it does get extremely busy but I know that if I just did the work everyday even for 10 minutes, that’s 10 minutes towards accomplishing a task. I highly suggest reading this book with a friend and then discussing it afterwards. Or feel free to email or dm me on Instagram to discuss this book. I would absolutely love to share what has helped me so far. I’ve been sticking to my habit of 10 squats, practicing Duolingo for 15 minutes, and writing for 30 minutes every single day for about 2 weeks now!

I’ve delved into Pinterest again to get major inspiration for content creation. Before quarantne, me and my friend would hunt down the cutest coffee shops, pack up 2 to 3 outfits and head out to take bunch of pictures. We would have contents for weeks. But, now that I am always home – I have to pivot and use what I have. I’m working on creating more at home contents and compiled a board with some gorgeous at home photo shoot ideas!

I re-decorated my room and work space to make it more chic and cozy. Since this is the place where I’m spending most of my time I wanted it to be way more organized. I got new bed sheets, comforter sheets, desk, even a printer. I love the way my room looks now all organized and clean and it definitely motivates me to get my work done and take more content photos.

5 productive things to do at home during quarantine

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