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Beauty Protector Hair Care Products Review

I take really good care of hair. It’s very important to me the type of products I use. After I received my Beauty Protector package, I started my research to see how these products can help. I was amazed at the results!

Beauty Protector Protect & Oil: The lightweight hair oil is perfect for any hair type. The oil helps to protect against UV rays and heat damage. I like to use one to two drops of the oil on my hair right after shower. The fragrance of the product is incredible. It will make you love your hair way more than you do now. The oil helps to eliminate those pesky fly-aways and provides light conditioning. This product is paraben and cruelty free.

Beauty Protector Protect & Treat: If you love to straighten and blow dry your hair constantly, do your hair a favor – condition it please. The Beauty Potector Protect & Treat is a nourishing mask packed with antioxidants, Argan oil, amber, honey and cruhed pearls! The mask helps to revive and preserve the youthfulness of your hair. After washing your hair, use a qurter-sized amount of the mask on the hair. Apply the mask from the midlenghts to the ends. I like to leave it in for 10 minutes and then just rinse. You’ll love the smoth and shiny look of your hair.

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle: This is a life and time saver! The Protect & Detangle is a leave in mist that helps to minimize frizz and detangle by smoothing hair and adding moisturizer. This product also protects against UV rays and heat. I love the fact that it’s non-greasy. Another Beauty Protector product that smells simply delicious. To use, I spray the mist a few times on each side and just comb for an amazing wavy natural hair look.

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