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BluePrint 3-Day Foundation Cleanse Review

I finally had a chance to try juice cleanse. It’s the one thing I’ve been wanting to do for the past year, but never got around to it. Read more to find out if I survived a 3-day juice cleanse.

Delicous Juice Cleanse

A little about Blueprint…

 BluePrint offers different cleanings programs, the cleanse can be done by a first-timer to an avid juice cleanse aficionado. I chose the Foundation cleanse, which is a mid-level cleanse. I have no idea why I thought that as a first-timer, I would be able to handle it! But I somehow did. So proud of myself. The Foundation Cleanse consists of nourishing green juices and couple of fruit & juice beverages.  The 6 bottles (18 bottles total) were a combination of creamy Cashew Nut Non-Dairy Milk with vanilla and cinnamon, juice beverage, a refreshing lemonade with agave nectar, and nourishing green juices (BluePrint).

BluePrint Juice Cleanse

BluePrint recommends easing into the cleanse by not overdoing on food that has a hard time processing. Which btw, I completely ignored! I knew I would have to stop eating solids for 3 days, so I went a little crazy on junk foods. Bad idea! I recommend reading BluePrint’s tips for starting a cleanse, before trying a new cleanse.

Day 1: I was actually really excited to try the cleanse. It was easy to follow the cleanse, because the bottles are marked with numbers. Pretty much follow the numbers and drink the juices throughout the day. I honestly loved the taste of all the juices. I’m a veggie girl. Always loved broccoli, spinach, kale and anything green. So the juices were actually quite tasty to me. There were people around me who gave me weird stares. It’s alright, they just didn’t understand what I was drinking.

By number 4, I was getting extremely cranky. It was the point when I knew this cleanse thing is harder than it looks. I really couldn’t think about drinking one more juice. I’m sad to say, but I caved in and ate a whole box of saltine crackers! The crackers tasted like a delicious treat that I was missing my whole life. But I knew it was the hunger that made the crackers extra extra special. I made myself finish the last two bottles, it was not easy!

Day 2 & 3: I actually woke up and was looking forward to my juices on Day 2. Like a good girl, I finished all my juices that day. But Day 3, I came across an office birthday party cake challenge. When my co-worker walked over with a piece of chocolate cake, I just stared at her shaking my head no and drinking my green juice. It worked! She completely understood and walked away. Victory!!!

A lot of you are probably thinking, did I lose any weight? Ok, so I stopped weighing myself about 5 years ago. I was becoming an annoying girl that would weigh every week to see if I was down 2 pounds. Every week, I was disappointed at myself because it never worked. I was getting depressed and hated that I had to step on a scale to see any changes. I realized that if I looked in the mirror and looked good in what I was wearing that would be enough. Let me tell you, after this short cleanse I can see some changes and I love it. My jeans are fitting better, I feel more energized and I’m actually eating better. If you want to start fresh and also feel better, I highly recommend a short cleanse. It’s definitely worth a try.

Photo credit: BluePrint

disclosure: i was not financially compensated for this post. i received a sample for review purposes. the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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