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CES 2018 Day 2: Tips for First Time Attendees

Woke up to a beautiful clear sky on the 2nd day of CES 2018. I stayed in my bed a bit longer to admire the view and enjoy my breakfast.
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Continued from CES Day 1 post. Tip #6: If you are checking out early or have extra stuff (products, documents, etc) it’s better to ship them to your house rather than carry them around. I flew with a budget airlines and for me, it made more sense to ship a small bag full of my clothes and extra stuff to save money and the hassle of lugging them around everywhere. Use the business center at your hotel to ship the items. I also saw a business center at the main LVCC hall.

Las Vegas Travel Blogger Suite View

Las Vegas Sands Hall CES 2018

Majority of my meetings the second day was planned at the Sands Expo and the Venetian. I did end up going to LVCC later that day to explore a bit more of the areas I didn’t get to see earlier.

Tip #7: Use google calendar to schedule your day. Make sure to add the address and map your day ahead of time. I walked from one location to another on my second day. Lots of places in Vegas are pretty connected and literally a walk away through buildings and sidewalks.

Las Vegas CES 2018 Sands Hall

Foreo CES 2018 Beauty Blogger

My first stop on CES Day 2 was at this amazingly scary Foreo booth. One of my favorite brands, I still use my Foreo Luna Cleanser & ISSA Toothbrush. When I arrived at this booth, I had no idea what to expect! There was ‘Keep Out’, ‘No Flash Photography’ signs everywhere. Also surrounding the booth there was a tough looking faux military team!

2018 CES Foreo Beauty Influencer

Outside the booth, I was blindfolded and led inside the “military facility” where I heard the sounds of chainsaw and a women scream. I wanted to take off my blindfold right away, but we were instructed to wait.

After about 10 seconds we are told to take off our blindfolds, right in front us there were three individuals in lab gowns holding some sort of pink liquid. The mad scientist goes off on a speech that I can’t remember. I just remember anxiously trying to figure out what’s happening and if something will jump out at me. The man and woman standing at both ends repeat “I am here of my own free will” and drinks the pink liquid. And then they just stare straight ahead with dead eyes. The woman in the middle protests and gets taken away by guards for not complying. She is later brought back and we see the same dead stare and her proclaiming “I am here of my own free will.”

At the end of the show we were introduced to the new Foreo UFO. ‘We wanted to emulate this dystopian skincare world,’ said Foreo exhibitor Trisha Mendiola. And they did just that. Foreo presented something new and different with the exhibition and the products. It was refreshing to see a break from the way traditional skin care products are developed and marketed.

Foreo Beauty Blogger Influencer Las Vegas

Foreo UFO is a 90-second mask that uses a small swatch of sheet mask. The device has heating, cooling and T-sonic pulsations technique to deliver the product accurately! The circular device fits in the palm of your hands. It’s waterproof and includes a USB port for charging. The UFO can be paired with the Foreo app, which gives you access to all future mask treatments, re-orders of masks and customize the intensity of all the UFO settings.

The UFO right now is only available for presale at KickStarter. Beauty bloggers get ready for a spa-level face mask in 90 seconds!

Lifestyle Blogger Afroza Khan Foreo CES 2018

Foreo CEO Interview Paul Peros

With Paul Preos, CEO of Foreo.

CES 2018 Ask Me

Tip #8: There’s no way anyone can get lost at CES in my opinion. There were moments I couldn’t use the app becaus of bad signal. But, I was never lost, you can find information booths in the major halls and the amazing “Ask Me” guides in almost every corner.

CES 2018 Eureka Park French Tech

Later I headed over to Eureka Park to meet up with ROMY PARIS, a leading skincare company, headquartered in France. Another beauty brand that specializes in unique and groundbreaking products.

CES 2018 Eureka Park French Tech Romy ParisAt CES Romy Paris unveiled a ‘miniaturized laboratory’ that is capable of creating a personalized skin care serum. With a help of a beauty coaching app, the app will take your activities, environment, and habits into consideration to recommend a serum perfect for your skin.

Top Beauty Influencer Afroza Khan CES 2018

CES 2018 Charging Stations First Time Attendee

Tip #9: If you look for it, it’s easy to spot these charge stations everywhere. I do recommend carrying extra portable batteries, but they can be quite heavy and honestly sometimes we just forget to charge it fully. No fear, just look for these charging stations and lock away your phone for a bit.

CES 2018 Key Online Influencer

CES 2018 Las Vegas Convention Center

It was truly a gorgeous day!

CES 2018 Las Vegas Convention Center

CES 2018 Information Booth

CES 2018 Samsung City

My day and CES adventures ended by spending some quality time at the Samsung City. I’m a big Samsung fan, I’ve been using Samsung phones for the past 7 years! If they ever create a Samsung City IRL, I want to be one of their first residents, just saying!

CES 2018 Samsung Bixby Refrigerator

At the home district in Samsung City, it was all about Bixby Everywhere— Samsung’s personalized intelligent service for TVs, refrigerators, mobile devices, and more. Samsung set up areas to show kitchen, living room, bedroom and other areas of the home all integrated to soon-to-be released SmartThings app and Bixby. My favorite was the Samsung refrigerator, the Family Hub screen allows you see what’s in the fridge from the grocery store! Also, you can see who’s at the front door with the ring doorbell, adjust the thermostat, and listen to music!

CES 2018 Samsung City

My dream kitchen appliances by Samsung!

CES 2018 Samsung City

CES 2018 waiting for lyft uber

Tip #10: At the end of the night when everyone is leaving the shows the designated area for Uber & Lyft will be extremely crowded. I was stuck at the Uber crowd for almost 30 minutes. I would suggest leaving the show at least 30 minutes before it closes or walking away from the designated wait areas to other hotels or restaurants and getting a Uber/Lyft from there.

CES 2019 DatesI would love to know if you have any tips for surviving CES. Please share below. I’m really looking forward to CES 2019!

xoxo, Afroza



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