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Epic Planner 2016

I’m so excited to introduce my Epic Planner! It’s a beaut!! During Black Friday this year, I actually went shopping for a planner. It’s one of my project that excites and inspires me every day. I will list all the items and link them to where I bought them from below.

Russel + Hazel Mini Marbled Binder

I found this Russell + Hazel mini marbled binder at the Container Store’s website. I wanted this as soon as I saw it. Did you know you can shop at their site and pick up the items at a store near you? Yup, you’re welcome! It was around 3 AM when I was shopping for my planner. The prime time for creative people to be up and shopping, right? It made me so happy to know that I would be able to pick these items from the store in the morning. So, I went a little crazy and bought a bunch of Russell + Hazel products.

Afroza Khan Blogger Epic Planner DIY Binder

Chic Stylista Blogger Epic Planner Organizer

These little pens are everything! Found them at a Etsy store (another weakness). These pens are super skinny and I can keep all the colors in a little post-it pocket. It’s perfect, because the binder doesn’t get too poufy when I close it.

Chic Stylista Epic Planner 2016

Chic Stylista Epic Planner Organizer 2016

Chic Stylista planner agenda 2016 stationary

All the little adorable stickers goes inside the sticky Post-it clear pocket. Love seeing them right when I open the binder.

I cut out a glitter card board paper and punched out three holes to make my sticky notes page. I use post-its notes on pretty much everything, it makes my life so organized. I combined some of the post-its notes from the set and some regular mini neon post-its on the back of the glitter page.

Blogger Epic planner 2016

DIY Epic Planner by Blogger Chic Stylista

A little doodle section in the planner.

Fashion Blogger Planner Organizer Binder

How cute are these little paper pockets from Russell + Hazel. A great place to keep all the important receipts and documents.

ban do post-its sparkle & shine darling

Colorful Organized Planner 2016 Binder

If you look carefully, you’ll see only five months of the calendar tabs in the binder. If I tried to add the entire calendar set, I wouldn’t have room for anything else. So, I kept it simple and added the calendar tabs till May. I will just replace them with the new monthly tabs after May 2016.

Chic Stylista Fashion Blogger Epic Planner Organizer

Let me know what you guys think of this planner. I would love to get your feedback. And, if you loved my Epic Planner, please feel free to share the pics on Pinterest and with your friends :)

Russell  + Hazel Marbled Mini Three Ring Binder
Russell + Hazel Mini SmartDate Monthly Tabs
Russell + Hazel Mini SmartDate Filler Paper Sheets
Russell + Hazel Mini Paper Pockets
Create 365 The Happy Planner Get It Done Stickers
Gold Paperclips (Similar Here)
Post-Its Pockets
Ban.Do Sticky Note Set
Etsy 12 Colors Gel Ink Pens

xoxo, Afroza

photos by Janel Kilnisan

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