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I’m So Fancy

Fashion Blogger Afroza Khan Yellow Plaid Jacket
Yellow Plaid Jacket: Thrifted(Will be on Ebay soon), Shoes: Traffic Shoe (Similar here), Handbag: c/o H&M (here), Necklace: H&M (Similar here)

Miami Fashion Blogger Plaid Yello Jacket WIW

Miami Fashion Blogger Iggy Azalea Jacket
Afroza Khan Clueless Yellow Plaid Jacket
Miami Fashion Blogger Fancy Clueless Jacket
Clueless Cher Yellow Plaid Jacket

Yellow Plaid Jacket: Thrifted (Will be on Ebay soon), Shoes: Traffic Shoe (Similar here), Handbag: c/o H&M (here), Necklace: H&M (Similar here)

I’ve always loved Clueless and Cher’s effortless style. But after watching Iggy Azalea in her video Fancy, I went on a quest to find the yellow plaid jacket on the yellow brick road. Nah, there was no such road. Although, I would love to find a cute little blue dress like Dorothy one day. I digress, let’s go back to talking about how I found my Clueless/Fancy yellow plaid jacket. It  actually wasn’t that hard to find the Jacket online, a lot of retailers are selling the entire set on their sites. My mind was made up on getting a Vintage totally 90’s era Jacket, so I went thrifting. I love to thrift, it’s more of the challenge that I love. When you find what you’re looking for, it becomes a treasure. I found my jacket at a local thrift store at a steal! During my hunt, I also came across many other plaid jackets, which I will style soon! Since I’m constantly on the hunt for thrifted treasures, I’ve decided to put some of the items up on Ebay.Will keep you guys posted when the Ebay store is up and running. So what do you think of my little find?

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