Chic Stylista | By Miami Fashion Blogger Afroza Khan


Grey Fall Fashion

I’m calling this fall fashion, because technically it’s Fall season everywhere just not in Florida. I mean where’s this “cold front” we were supposed to get. Believe me, this hot weather will not keep us from buying and wearing the cutest fall looks.  I found this cute grey dress at Forever 21. This Fall, I know I will be sporting a ...

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Striped Shirt & Blue Jeans

I love easy casual looks. To give this casual look a sexier edge, I wore a peek-a-boo strappy bralette. Also sporting a shorter and layered hairstyle. Now every time I go in for a cut, the hair keeps getting shorter and shorter. Gotta love the short hair during the scorching summer days. T.J.MAXX Striped Shirt | H&M Blue Jeans|T.J.MAXX Cross Body Handbag ...

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Miami T-Shirt & Maxi Skirt

So Miami! I found this cute little shirt (now on sale for $6) at the Miami International Mall’s H&M store. I couldn’t resist buying some of their must-have summer staples. This floral skirt was the last size they had. I picked up two more solid color ones too. H&M is showing a lot of colorful prints for the summer collection, and they’re ...

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Photogenic Walls #OOTD

Oh photogenic walls, I love you oh so much! You’re the perfect backdrop for my casual OOTDs. These beautiful walls can be found on the corners of Wynwood, Miami. Sometimes the best ones are hidden, completely out of sight. It’s like a treasure hunt for the art enthusiasts. Once a Miami fashion flogger finds one, it instantly becomes a gorgeous ...

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The Falls Miami Fashion Brunch

The Falls Miami hosted an amazing blogger brunch for some of Miami’s Fashion Bloggers at Brio Tuscan Grille. I’ve always been a fan of Brio, but never had a chance to try their brunch! The Falls Miami team went all out and had the most amazing table set up for us at the restaurant (See the set up pic below, love the personalized stationary from ...

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