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Two Days in Utah

The last two days of our Independence Day road trip was spent in Moab, Utah. It was the perfect way to end this epic road trip. While there, we visited two national parks that was very close to where we were staying. Check out the pictures and places below.


Moab Under Canvas Travel

I think we picked Moab as our final destination mainly because we wanted to stay at Moab Under Canvas‘ glamp site. It all started when I saw someone’s beautiful picture at Moab Under Canvas on an Instagram post. I just knew that if I didn’t take the chance to stay at this place during this trip then it probably wouldn’t happen for a while. So we took the leap and booked two night’s stay at Moab Under Canvas.

Travel Blogger Moab Under Canvas

Moab Under Canvas Travel Blogger

Moab Under Canvas Road Trip

It’s an extremely beautiful cozy place. I was so excited to finally check in to our tent. We ran into some booking issues while we were there. When this was initially booked online we made sure to book the Suite with 2 queen beds. Once we got there they told us that we had the safari tent. Not sure what happened and we tried to figure out the entire situation. But it was at the end of our trip and we were pretty tired, so we just let it be and stayed at the safari tent.  I would recommend double checking everything online and calling them ahead of time to make sure you booked the right tent.

Moab Under Canvas Utah Road Trip

Glamping Moab Under Canvas

Moab Under Canvas Vacation

It was in the 70’s the first day at Moab. During the trip we were lucky to have a really good weather week. It did get pretty hot at night and the last day of the trip. I had a hard time sleeping at night, I pretty much hung out at the lobby where it was a little bit more open and windy. And yes it was scary walking back to my tent from the lobby at 4 in the morning. They do give you a lantern and you have to request a portable fan.

Moab Under Canvas Firewood camping

Moab Under Canvas Glamping Blog

There is a small water spray attached to each tent. We learned about it on our second day! It doesn’t really cool down the place but you do get a nice little shower out of it!

It was getting so hot in the tent that we decided to hang out at the local Burger King to cool down. Burger King was the only place with working Wi-Fi! No, I’m serious – I called a bunch of places to see if they had Wi-Fi. Apparently Starbucks (which was in a local super market) and other cafes, restaurants didn’t have working Wi-Fi!

Moab Under Canvas Tend

Yes, glamping is a little better than camping. I have gone camping before, for me the experience seems pretty similar. Mainly because if it’s cool enough, I can fall asleep anywhere! The major difference between the two is that this glamping had a big tent with a queen sized comfy bed and really clean communal shower/bathrooms. Next time maybe I will go during the cooler months.


Utah Travel Arches National Park

Arches National Park was only 10 minutes from Moab Under Canvas. The park is known for containing over 2,000 natural sandstone arches. Once you enter the park, you get a map of where the main arches are located. We were not prepared for the amount of hiking you’re supposed to do to reach each of the arches. It was also in the high 90’s that day!

National Park Utah Arches Park

Arches National Park Utah

Arches National Park Travel Blogger

 We only hiked to the closest and easiest arch – the Sand Dune Arch. There were narrow hallways that we had to walk through and the arch is a little hidden. There was so much natural beauty in every corner. I can’t even imagine how the other massive arches would look up close. Now I know for sure that I will have to be much more prepared and ready if I ever wanna go back to Arches National Park.

Fashion Travel Blogger Arches National Park

Arches National Park Utah Chic Stylista

Arches National Park Utah Travel Blog

Travel Blog Arches National Park

Arches National Park Utah Travel


Canyonlands National Park Utah

OMG! Canyonlands is absolutely breathtaking! It is so vast and magnificent. You feel so awakened when you look across the land that has been formed over millions of years. It was the perfect place to visit on 4th of July and our last day of the road trip. There were moments when I just sat there and forgot about all the crazy things that was happening around the world. If more people took the time to realize how beautiful the Earth really is, we would find peace a little faster.

Utah Canyonlands Travel Blogger

Canyonlands National Park Fourth of JulyCanyonlands National Park American Flag

Travel Blogger Road Trip Utah

Canyonlands National Park Utah Travel

Travel Blogger Utah Canyonlands

Travel Utah Canyonlands National Park

Travel Utah Canyonlands

This land is your land, This land is my land – Woody Guthrie

xoxo, Afroza 

Photos by me and Gaurav Singh

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